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The Vapor Element Agua 1 - Elevated Headwear


Premium is an understatement when it comes to our Vapor Element Premium Hat Line.  Designed for the motivated, its water repellant, sweat repellant, and floatable.  The water literally beads and rolls off of  it to prevent absorption.  From DF Development Project 71, it's work ready and built to last. 


It features our Vapor Mode Technology which wicks moisture from the inner layers quickly to keep it dry during intense work or training.  The Vapor Element blend doesn’t sweat stain like regular hats and is ultra breathable to keep your head cooler.  The Vapor Mode moisture wicking headband provides a truly unique and comfortable fit.  The laser perforated design is lightweight, pliable, and durable.  


The V-Element has a lower profile with a pre-curved bill and a clean five panel design.  We strived to achieve a classic look with premium modern materials and engineering that sets it a part from others in the premium hat market.


  • Free Shipping
  • Desert Khaki 
  • Laser Perforated   
  • 3D PVC Vapor Element Patch
  • 3D PVC DF Round Side Patch
  • 3D PVC Vapor Element Rear Patch
  • Agua 1 Water Repellant
  • Sweat Repellant
  • Vapor Mode Moisture Tech
  • V-Mode Moisture Wicking Headband
  • Lightweight
  • Culture of Perseverance Inner Seam
  • Hand wash with clean white cloth

V-Element Agua 1 - Desert

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